A Ten-Step Program For Cooking The Planet

It’s not hard to cook our planet. All you have to do is stop thinking too hard, and repeat the same mistakes over and over. And don’t listen to experts, since you can just Google it. In ten years, the climate will have taken its own path and we won’t have much say about what happens after that.

Russia Hacks Into U.S. Nuclear Power Plants

Russia has made hacking America its favorite past-time. But don’t worry about our nuclear plants, they are truly operational islands wholly disconnected from the Internet. They can hack some business, personnel and other non-essential files, which may be embarrassing and costly, but not dangerous.

SMOG Has As Much Deodorant As Diesel In It

A new report shows that SMOG is increasingly made up of volatiles organic compounds from our personal care products like hair spray, cleaning products, pesticides, and glues. And their concentrations are now approaching those VOCs coming from burning f…

A Ray Of Sunshine Falls On Puerto Rico

Still blacked out, Puerto Rico may be getting some of the solar hybrid microgrid technology everyone says it needs to recover from Hurricane Maria, and to withstand the next big one. Louis Berger has installed two prototype systems to support a rural women’s shelter and a rural children’s shelter.

The 2018 Energy Quiz

Like every year, energy will be a hot topic again in 2018. Do you know which state has the lowest carbon footprint? What energy source has the biggest deathprint? What activity subjects you to the most radiation? Take this energy quiz to test your know…

Stanford’s 100% Renewables A Roadmap To Nowhere

Stanford Prof Mark Jacobson is the prophet of a religion claiming the world can be fueled by 100% renewable energy. But other scientists better not question him or he’ll excommunicate you. And by excommunicate, I mean sue in court. Jacobson filed suit against a scientist who dared to criticize him.

China Will No Longer Take Our Recycled Junk

Beijing notified the WTO that it’s banning imports of various plastics and unsorted paper commonly sent from the U.S. Large amounts of dirty or hazardous constituents are mixed with these materials, leading to serious environmental pollution. But not r…

Pollution Kills More People Than Anything Else

A comprehensive report on environmental pollution shows that filthy air, contaminated water and other polluted parts of our environment kill more people each year than anything else– smoking, hunger, natural disasters, war, murder, AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria – costing us $4 trillion a year.

Nuclear Energy In America Is Teetering On A Cusp

ANS President Bob Coward opened the Society’s annual meeting in D.C. with a strong call to arms. Nuclear in America is on a cusp – one path leads to continued global leadership; the other leads to a slow fading to that of a third-rate power, leaving Russia and China to lead the world.

Puerto Rico Needs 50,000 Utility Poles

Rebuilding Puerto Rico’s electric grid will require over 50,000 utility poles with enough cable to stretch from San Diego to Boston and back. Their grid should be completely rebuilt to be robust and reliable, even with hurricanes. Nuclear + solar would do the trick, along w/underground power lines.

Renewable Energy Tax Credits – Forever?

For a long time, according to the newU.S. Renewable Energy Brief, that concludes the renewable energy tax equity market is extremely healthy, growing from $6.5 billion in 2013 to $11 billion in 2016. Don’t expect Congress to cut these tax credits anytime soon. Red States get more than Blue States.

There Is A Solution To North Korea

It’s not like we don’t know what to do about North Korea. It’s just that we keep doing to wrong thing. We must drop our fantasy of complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization, as well as the foolish requirement of preconditions in order to even start talking. Then we need to talk.

CSI: Nuclear

Looking for smuggling of nuclear materials involves some cool and complex monitoring of people, baggage, planes, trains, trucks, cars and cargo for all entry points and types – air, land and sea. Millions upon millions of things coming into the U.S. ne…

Electricity And Jobs In America

A new report released by M. J. Bradley says the U.S. electric power industry contributes $880 billion/year to the economy, and supportsmore than 7 million jobs. This is 1 in every 20 jobs. They are also very high-paying. Not surprising as electricity u…